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Partner Portal

This section contains resources for current organizations and entities that have received transit passes from the Transit Empowerment Fund.

TEF Bus Pass Distribution Report

The Transit Empowerment Fund is now collecting bus pass distribution data on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR QUARTERLY REPORT.

Upcoming Due Dates:

  • FY22 Q4: October-December 2022 distribution data due on January 16, 2022
  • FY23 Q1: January-March 2023  distribution data due on April 17, 2023
  • FY23 Q2: April-June 2023 distribution data due July 17, 2023
  • FY23 Q3: July-September 2023 distribution data due on October 16, 2023
  • FY23 Q4: October-December 2023 distribution data due on January 15, 2024

Thank you to all of the TEF Transit Pass Program partners who provided helpful feedback on your distribution and reporting processes. The TEF Board has shortened the data and reporting requirements to increase access to this program.

If you have issues accessing the form, please contact

TEF Transit Pass Program Distribution Tracking Log

Please click here to download the Transit Pass Program Distribution Log.

If you use this spreadsheet to keep track of passes that are distributed by your organization, it will help you prepare the information needed to fill out your reports to the TEF Board and yearly Transit Pass Program application.

The Transit Pass Program Distribution Tracking Log has been updated to reflect the shortened data requirements for the quarterly report.

Links to Submit Past Distribution Reports

Please note that distribution reports submitted after the initial reporting period will be considered late. However, a late submission is preferred to no submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact with questions?

Please email Madeleine Jordan-Lord at with any questions you may have.

How does quarterly reporting work?

Organizations that receive transit passes through the Transit Empowerment Fund are required to submit quarterly reports on the bus passes they distribute to clients.

A quarterly reporting tool is made available on the Partner Portal of the TEF website starting on the first business day of each quarter. A reminder of the reporting deadline as well as a link to that reporting tool is sent out to recipient organizations. We will also send out an additional reminder before the deadline, which includes the list of organizations that have already submitted their report for that reporting quarter.

Upcoming quarterly report deadlines:

  • FY22 Q3: July-September 2022 bus pass distribution data will be due on Monday, October 17th, 2022
  • FY22 Q4: October-December 2022 bus pass distribution data will be due on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Reports submitted after the deadline are considered late. It is very important that you report your organization’s bus pass distribution accurately and in a timely manner. Late reporting can impact your ability to qualify for an abbreviated application (which is much easier for you to fill out and for us to process) as well your organization’s eligibility for free passes in the future.

If you know in advance that you won’t be able to report on time, please let us know. We try to be reasonable about the deadlines and will make exceptions if warranted. It is better to report late than skip reporting as this is where errors start to creep up.

If your organization does not distribute any passes for a given quarter, you will still need to submit a report. Simply indicate on the form that no passes were distributed that month.

Please save your quarterly report data for your records.

Does TEF require that clients show a State ID in order to receive passes?

No. The Daily Pass Distribution Tracking Log will prompt you to record a unique identifier for each individual client you distribute passes to. The goal is to track how many new and repeat clients are receiving passes each month. Your organization may choose to use any system you would like as long as identifiers are unique to each client. Some examples of client identifiers include client birthdays, MetroAccess ID numbers, the last four digits of social security number, etc. The Daily Pass Distribution Tracking Log is not shared with the TEF Board.

Why does TEF asks clients to show special ID for reduced fare passes and MetroAccess booklets?

In order to use a reduced fare pass on a CapMetro bus, an individual must show the bus driver a CapMetro Reduced Fare ID card. As a result, TEF wants to make sure that these passes are being distributed only to individuals who actually have a CapMetro Reduced Fare ID card and can therefore use them. Riders with disabilities, seniors over 65, Medicare card holders, and active duty military personnel are eligible for a reduced fare ID card through CapMetro. For more information, please visit CapMetro’s page on their Reduced Fare ID.

MetroAccess is a demand-response, shared-ride service for people whose disabilities prevent them from riding CapMetro’s other transit services. All recipients of MetroAccess passes must meet Capital Metro’s MetroAccess eligibility criteria and complete their process. Learn more about the MetroAccess program here.

Is there a maximum number of passes that can be distributed to a single client?

The TEF Board does not impose a maximum number. That decision is left up to your organization.

What happens if my organization doesn’t use up all of our awarded passes over the 12 month period?

The TEF Board expects recipient organizations to distribute their awarded passes within 12 months of receipt. If for some reason your organization is unable to do so, please continue to distribute your awarded passes and continue to submit monthly reports until your organization uses up your supply of TEF passes. You may need to adjust the number and/or type of passes requested in your application to participate in the program the following year in light of your surplus passes.

Our clients do not need as many of a certain type of pass as we expected. Can my organization make an exchange with TEF for a different type of pass or order additional passes?

No, the TEF Board cannot facilitate pass exchanges. Unfortunately, the TEF Board cannot purchase additional passes at a deeply discounted rate from Capital Metro during the course of the year outside of the annual transit pass program.

What procedure needs to be followed if passes are stolen?

Stolen passes should be reported to the TEF Board within 24 hours. Please email with your organization’s name, a description of the circumstances, the number and type of passes stolen, and a copy of the police report, and how security procedures will be changed to prevent additional thefts in the future.  Please note that stolen passes WILL NOT be replaced by the TEF Board.

What should I do if my organization’s TEF passes are lost or damaged?

Please email if passes are lost or damaged to the point of being unsuable. Please include a description of the circumstances that led to pass damage or loss, the number and type of impacted passes, and how storage/security procedures will be changed to prevent these issues in the future.

How long should I keep TEF records on file?

TEF reserves the right to audit your organization’s tracking and reporting, so please make sure that both are as accurate as possible. Please keep records on file for three years.