Photo provided by Capital Metro.

Transit Pass Program

The Transit Empowerment Fund Board awards free and deeply discounted transit passes to nonprofit social service organizations and governmental entities in Central Texas to help meet the transportation needs of low income clients. Agencies apply in response to an annual Request for Applications.

Recipients of the transit passes must be low-income, reside in the Capital Metro service area, and use public transportation. The TEF Board’s target populations are: adults over the age of 65, people with disabilities, low-income workers or those enrolled in job training programs, refugees, people experiencing homelessness, Medicare card holders, Medicaid recipients, and veterans. The goal of the program is to promote self-sufficiency by providing transportation for employment, healthcare, education, and social services.

If your organization is a current participant in the transit pass program, please check out the Partner Portal for monthly reporting links, important documents, and answers to frequently asked questions.